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i hate asl

The three most annoying letters in all of Internet history.

Lets face it, who reading this with half a brain hasn't been confronted with them? There's no escaping it. Whether you're using irc, where users are practically anonymous, or icq, where information about you is available at the click of a button, at some point, someone will ASL you. It usually comes at you in a bunch of ways, but without doubt the most irritating one is the straight-up message. All of a sudden, you get this in your /query window:

[14:44] <roxy18f> asl???

Wonderfully charming, isn't it? What I want to know is, who told these people that this was an acceptable way of behaving? I mean, they don't even bother to talk to people. They just barrage them with this "asl" like it's some sort of witty introduction.. God, I'll just condense my personality into three easily digestible statistics so you can stereotype me more effectively.. Hey, how about you ask my sexual history and blood type while you're at it? Fuck off.

I just can't fucking stand these idiots.. Is it possible to make it more obvious that they are so unintelligent that they need to stereotype everyone? Or are they just trying to make it blatantly obvious that they're looking for someone to have sex with? It's pathetic.. Yes, I'm angry. I'm sick of these idiots messaging me, then when I don't comply with their request, them getting angry at me like I'm some sort of antisocial moron. The irony is, I'd probably have talked to them if they'd have just had the decency to treat me like a person and talked to me.. instead they treat me like a 20 year old walking penis from Brisbane. Also, by responding to the asl, if it's guy, they pretty much go away straight away, but if it's a girl, they act like it's open season at the meat market. Gah... I hate to sound like an elitist, but I almost miss the days when the internet was somewhat difficult to access... that at least protected it from being flooded with people who weren't too bright, and hence, advertising.

I was online, talking in a public channel on irc with a friend who is 22.. we were discussing stuff about cars, and from there it moved through social science, physics, and network technology.. a 14 year old told us to go away, "fuk off" I believe he said, because, and I quote..

[15:44] <blinkboy182> irc is for kids

LMFAO... It's funny that, because I could have sworn that the irc protocol, as well as ircd, was developed in Norway by a bunch of people who were all over 20. Apparently, being older is cause for being a loser. Well, I hate to be the one to tell him, but one day, he's going to get older. I wonder if he realises it's involuntary...? We were nerds until we told him we were in bands.. then we were geeks until he found out how old we were.. then we were losers because we were 'old'. Gah. Reject these stereotyping losers! Death to ASL! When people say asl, make fun of them! Treat them like it's the stupidest, most uncool thing you've ever heard.. do it! Take back the internet! Fight the power! Damn the man! Save the empire!

Fuck these asl'ing idiots.
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